Leadville 100

For a 45-year old flatlander from Missouri, who is a couple of years new to biking, the Colorado mountains of Leadville seem like a daunting task. Doug’s introduction to mountain biking earned him the designation as the first American on record to descend Mount Kilimanjaro on a mountain bike in January of 2011.


Many trips over the handlebars made it a rough effort but the trip overall raised $750,000 for clean water projects in Tanzania. Doug’s next task is 100 miles up & down Leadville, within a mandatory 12 hour window. If he makes it, $100,000 for clean water, saving countless lives for decades.



Join Doug and WorldServe International in bringing the gift of clean water to families who currently suffer from water borne illnesses. In the region of Tanzania targeted, 2 out of 5 kids do not reach the age of 5 years. Water means life. Water means kids don’t needlessly suffer. Water means young girls don’t walk miles a day for water and can have a future; go to school.


Medical dispensaries, agriculture, schools, churches, latrines - all happen once a community water source is available.


If you would like to sponsor Doug's efforts, contact Jessica Lakin at jlakin@ogatanzania.com
and partner in this effort, or click here to make a donation.